Дынников – Художник Дынников – Художник

Uralsk – the city I was born at – is a geographical center of Russia on the boarder of Asia and Europe. My father (an officer, who was killed in Stalingrad battle in 1942) had three more sons: my twin Valery, elder Robert and younger Oleg. All my mother’s life is a story of bringing up her own kids and children in kindergarten. My childhood was hard as of all those who grew up after war. I drew everything I saw: nature, animals, people. After school I desperately looked for a studio where I could learn how to paint. I found one for adults at Teachers’ Club. Thanks to the leader of the studio (N.N. Kyltushnov) I was well-prepared to enter the Art faculty of Krasnodar Pedagogical Institute.

When I was in the second year I realized that I needed more then what I was studying there. I moved to Leningrad and entered State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I graduated in 1970 and came to Vladimir with my family. Next years put me to the test. We needed a place for my family to live and a studio for me. I needed clearance and significance of my art. It’s necessary to mention that the search of my friends and me were not welcomed. Exploring search didn’t blend with cheerful  “School of Vladimir Landscape Painters’. In spite of all I was accepted to the Union of Artists of USSR.

My personal exhibitions were hold in 1985 and 1989. The Ideological Department of Communist Party and as a result part of Union members reacted severely to the exhibition of 1989. “There is no positive hero in his art! We don’t want him to show the common life” But the majority of the Union members decided, “There will be an exhibition!”

Being part of life means to express one-self, search for truth and not to compromise with anything. The main idea of my life is a miracle of plastic world creation. Every painting for me is a reflection of spiritual activity. Every painting is a thought, expressed in color. And it has to be living, scratching thought, as an idea and as a choice of material.

Impression will be formed correctly and shown on canvas only  if they take roots in the artist’s soul and heart. An artist has to live through his impressions. There should be less theories in painting for they kill the contact with nature and its colors, light and life. The work of an artist, that is required by the process of life, should be clear, without trifles: only about the main, only about humanity.

V. Dynnikov